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This is the homepage of Damian Isla, because everyone tells me I need some "web presence".

I am a game designer and engineer, with a strong focus on character AI and animation. I consult through my company Naimad Games LLC, so if you would like some help in making your game extra funsmart, email me at

11/6/14 -- Exciting news: I started a new company with some amazing people called The Molasses Flood. We have kickstarted a new game called The Flame in the Flood. The Kickstarter did pretty well.

4/24/14 -- Exciting news: Third Eye Crime is out! Go get it.

1/25/13 -- Exciting news: we announced our second game. It's called Third Eye Crime. It will be part of the PAX East Indie Showcase 2013!

10/3/11 -- Exciting news: we announced our first game. It's called Fallen Frontier. (Here's some more video).

10/7/09 -- Exciting news: we've started up a new game studio. It's called Moonshot Games.

Formerly I was an AI and Gameplay lead at Bungie Studios.

I also blog occasionally at Game/AI.

Thanks for coming and enjoy yourself at my fantastically elaborate web site.

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